Friday, 20 November 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself...

I take in a deep breath, and let out a long, peaceful sigh. It feels good to be back…

Good evening once more voyagers. It has been a while. You may be wondering who I am, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself. I, am Jaden Larker. You used to know me as The Shadow Alchemist. Well The Alchemist has fallen, though The Shadow still remains. The Shadow has always been apart of me, just no longer featured in my name. No, I decided to don a more prominent, fitting title.

Before now, I was just a name. A hollow shell of a performer with no character, no persona. Well the storm begets change, new beginnings. It was only a matter of time before the shadows lifted, and your vision cleared, and things would become apparent.

I have discovered & made claim to my persona, slipped into it and I wear it with pride. I still have a long way to go, exploring and experimenting. But from what I’ve viddied so far, things are going to get interesting, real horrorshow like. As you shall soon see.

I will be conducting most of my activities within the shadows, keeping it progressively underground. Keeping most of it to myself, at least until I deem it ready for un-poisoned glazz. At which point I will unleash my workings upon the world.

Something I will enlighten you on is the area of “magic” I have decided to divulge in hence forth. I will be conducting experiments & undertaking research into the Paranormal, ESP (TK/PK) & The Bizzare. But that is all I shall let past my tainted lips for now.

Viddy well…


Scholar Gazing At The Moon

Friday 6th November 2009

As I once more pick up my metaphorical pen and place it to this metaphysical paper I feel a new found sense of purpose. I have re-discovered who it is I am. It’s an empowering feeling it has to be said. I am most certainly driving my own bus…

I took out a week to put down my cards, coins etc and live the life of a layperson. To take a step out of my reality and slip into the general publics. So I did this, it was a very strange experience for me. But it enabled me to do something I previously could not. And that was take a long hard look at myself and ask the question “Who am I?” To ponder what it was I saw in the mirror, and whether I was at all happy with it.

I spent my time conducting a lot of research into what magic is, what MY magic is, why I do what I do, and why people should care. And lots of other topics on presentation etc. And through that I achieved what could be considered an epiphany. A crystallising moment of clarity. Like all the thoughts that clouded my mind just cleared away. And what was left behind was a beautiful night sky, full of stars of inspiration, under the cool blue glow of the moon that is my persona.

Oh what a wondrous feeling this was, like a huge weight had been lifted off my mind. I had finally stumbled out of the undergrowth, the tangled web of trees in the forest. And landed back on the familiar ground of the path I once trod. Ready to walk it again once more.

The only difference is, I left a lot behind on my search. I shed a lot of unwanted weight, as it were. One of those possessions was my name. I will no longer be known as, “The Shadow Alchemist”. At present I do not have a name, and so I will be going by the alas “The Shadow”. I, at present, do not know whether this will be a permanent title, or just a temporary one. Only time will tell.

Furthermore I will also be going more underground with my work. I will not be speaking much about my conducts. And therefore the only way you will see them if they are either filmed, or if you witness me performing them, attend one of my shows etc. This is an idea I’ve coined from Loki as I see it’s a wise way to conduct my workings. I do not have much in the works at the moment, as I have only just re-joined my path to enlightenment. But what you will notice is a radical change in the effects I perform and moreover the way I perform said effects. So what you viddy from me will be very different from the past.

So, as I work my way back onto the scene, I say hi hi hi there young devotchka’s & malchicks. And remember, the moment you let your guard down, The Shadow will enter your kingdom…


Sleight of Mind

Saturday 24th October 2009

Evening traveller. Tonight we will be wandering into an area that has been weighing heavy on my mind of late. What is my magic? Recently I’ve been exploring the depths of my mind to try to unearth some answers.

To be a successful magician surely this is something you should have a solid idea about. Otherwise you’re just going through the motions, becoming like all the other so called “performers” out there who amount to nothing more than mere clowns.

Every magician should have a persona. Even if said persona is not unlike your reality. For this persona affects everything from the miracles you perform to the presentation given. But most importantly, this will also affect the concepts and idea’s you create.

There are various sources of research you can delve into to help you define your persona. I would recommend Dee Christopher’s blog’s on papercrane as an excellent starter. I found them most polezny. Hence the creation of The Shadow Alchemist.

But just who is The Shadow Alchemist? This is not something you will know much about. Other than what I let you discover. Maybe after you’ve explored enough of my mind you might formulate some idea? But remember, you are only seeing what I want you to see. For I am an artist, you are merely viddying my artwork. You are only experiencing what I let you. After all, what is magic about? Deception, Illusion, Subterfuge & Sleight, yes?

Consider this. When you look in the mirror, what are you seeing? Your own reflection, surely? But is that an accurate representation of your self, or just what you want to see?

I shall leave ye to filly that, dear reader, because for now, departure. I hope you enjoyed your journey this eve. And until next time, farewell...


Magic Is Alive

Thursday 22nd October 2009

…As I glance out the window at what is set to be another dreary, lacklustre day, I shake off the jaded cynicism that looms threateningly above me. Brought about by yet another sleepless night spent completing tasks I deemed more imperative than uncomplicated slumber. The focal point of that being a rather attractive issue, “Is Magic Dead?”

And I’ve come to the conclusion that despite what you may have been lead to believe Magic Is NOT Dead. No, far from it. It has just been reborn. Like a baby phoenix from the ashes of its old, dead, cadaver. Magic has been revolutionised. Not so much passed down, more so taken over by a new era of performers known as Underground Magicians (a term created by dM.)

When most people hear I do magic, the first thing they usually think of is top hats, brightly coloured scarfs and sponge bunnies. This universal misconception leads to a lot of prejudice against myself as a performer. And other performers just like me. That is why dM started to refer to himself as an Underground Magician, and why I also don the title myself to some extent.

Through my poisoned eyes, magic is deception, magic is illusion, magic is sleight of hand, magic is mentalism, but above all magic is entertainment. It is whatever you want laypeople to perceive it as.

Magic is an art form; the spectators mind, the canvas. The implements you use, whether they be cards, coins, chalk; they are your paint brushes. With which you use to construct your portrait. It is up to you, the artist, to decide what you desire to paint...


Larker's Labyrinth

Thursday 22nd October 2009

"A Dance With The Devil Might Last You Forever..."

Greetings reader. And welcome to a pathway into my mind. I hope you enjoy your guided tour through the inner workings of my labyrinth. Beware of the many pitfalls as you traverse this forbidden forest, for you may not retain your sanity otherwise. On your journey you will be discovering some of my concepts, idea’s, opinions & dreams.

But I must bestow a warning. If you are not fully prepared to enter the shadows, I suggest you turn tail and head back from whence you came. Only those who are mentally prepared will be capable enough to endure this realm…