Friday, 20 November 2009

Magic Is Alive

Thursday 22nd October 2009

…As I glance out the window at what is set to be another dreary, lacklustre day, I shake off the jaded cynicism that looms threateningly above me. Brought about by yet another sleepless night spent completing tasks I deemed more imperative than uncomplicated slumber. The focal point of that being a rather attractive issue, “Is Magic Dead?”

And I’ve come to the conclusion that despite what you may have been lead to believe Magic Is NOT Dead. No, far from it. It has just been reborn. Like a baby phoenix from the ashes of its old, dead, cadaver. Magic has been revolutionised. Not so much passed down, more so taken over by a new era of performers known as Underground Magicians (a term created by dM.)

When most people hear I do magic, the first thing they usually think of is top hats, brightly coloured scarfs and sponge bunnies. This universal misconception leads to a lot of prejudice against myself as a performer. And other performers just like me. That is why dM started to refer to himself as an Underground Magician, and why I also don the title myself to some extent.

Through my poisoned eyes, magic is deception, magic is illusion, magic is sleight of hand, magic is mentalism, but above all magic is entertainment. It is whatever you want laypeople to perceive it as.

Magic is an art form; the spectators mind, the canvas. The implements you use, whether they be cards, coins, chalk; they are your paint brushes. With which you use to construct your portrait. It is up to you, the artist, to decide what you desire to paint...


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