Friday, 20 November 2009

Sleight of Mind

Saturday 24th October 2009

Evening traveller. Tonight we will be wandering into an area that has been weighing heavy on my mind of late. What is my magic? Recently I’ve been exploring the depths of my mind to try to unearth some answers.

To be a successful magician surely this is something you should have a solid idea about. Otherwise you’re just going through the motions, becoming like all the other so called “performers” out there who amount to nothing more than mere clowns.

Every magician should have a persona. Even if said persona is not unlike your reality. For this persona affects everything from the miracles you perform to the presentation given. But most importantly, this will also affect the concepts and idea’s you create.

There are various sources of research you can delve into to help you define your persona. I would recommend Dee Christopher’s blog’s on papercrane as an excellent starter. I found them most polezny. Hence the creation of The Shadow Alchemist.

But just who is The Shadow Alchemist? This is not something you will know much about. Other than what I let you discover. Maybe after you’ve explored enough of my mind you might formulate some idea? But remember, you are only seeing what I want you to see. For I am an artist, you are merely viddying my artwork. You are only experiencing what I let you. After all, what is magic about? Deception, Illusion, Subterfuge & Sleight, yes?

Consider this. When you look in the mirror, what are you seeing? Your own reflection, surely? But is that an accurate representation of your self, or just what you want to see?

I shall leave ye to filly that, dear reader, because for now, departure. I hope you enjoyed your journey this eve. And until next time, farewell...


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