Friday, 20 November 2009

Scholar Gazing At The Moon

Friday 6th November 2009

As I once more pick up my metaphorical pen and place it to this metaphysical paper I feel a new found sense of purpose. I have re-discovered who it is I am. It’s an empowering feeling it has to be said. I am most certainly driving my own bus…

I took out a week to put down my cards, coins etc and live the life of a layperson. To take a step out of my reality and slip into the general publics. So I did this, it was a very strange experience for me. But it enabled me to do something I previously could not. And that was take a long hard look at myself and ask the question “Who am I?” To ponder what it was I saw in the mirror, and whether I was at all happy with it.

I spent my time conducting a lot of research into what magic is, what MY magic is, why I do what I do, and why people should care. And lots of other topics on presentation etc. And through that I achieved what could be considered an epiphany. A crystallising moment of clarity. Like all the thoughts that clouded my mind just cleared away. And what was left behind was a beautiful night sky, full of stars of inspiration, under the cool blue glow of the moon that is my persona.

Oh what a wondrous feeling this was, like a huge weight had been lifted off my mind. I had finally stumbled out of the undergrowth, the tangled web of trees in the forest. And landed back on the familiar ground of the path I once trod. Ready to walk it again once more.

The only difference is, I left a lot behind on my search. I shed a lot of unwanted weight, as it were. One of those possessions was my name. I will no longer be known as, “The Shadow Alchemist”. At present I do not have a name, and so I will be going by the alas “The Shadow”. I, at present, do not know whether this will be a permanent title, or just a temporary one. Only time will tell.

Furthermore I will also be going more underground with my work. I will not be speaking much about my conducts. And therefore the only way you will see them if they are either filmed, or if you witness me performing them, attend one of my shows etc. This is an idea I’ve coined from Loki as I see it’s a wise way to conduct my workings. I do not have much in the works at the moment, as I have only just re-joined my path to enlightenment. But what you will notice is a radical change in the effects I perform and moreover the way I perform said effects. So what you viddy from me will be very different from the past.

So, as I work my way back onto the scene, I say hi hi hi there young devotchka’s & malchicks. And remember, the moment you let your guard down, The Shadow will enter your kingdom…


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